4 Best Online document editing tools

OneDrive with Office Online

OneDrive tops the list of document editing site online. And why not, its from Microsoft and they have integrated Microsoft Office online with OneDrive. Now you can create and edit document, excel sheets, power point presentation online regardless of the device you are working on. 15 GB of free storage to store your document, photos and share it with multiple people at once. What else you want?
All you need to do is sign up for an Microsoft account and use all the service for Free.

Google Docs


If you are looking for word document editor online then Google Docs is something you just can’t ignore. With Google Docs you can create new documents or edit the only already created on the web or any other device. You can also share documents with others and work at the same time on the same document at once. With Android app you can even get your stuff done without any internet connection. And as all this apps are cloud based so you don’t have to worry about loosing data- everything is saved automatically as you type.



PDFescape is an awesome tool to read, edit PDF documents online. The best thing about PDFescape is that you can even use this tool to fill form online which are in PDF format. Isn’t that amazing filling the PDF form online that doesn’t support editing. To know how to use PDFescape check out this much detailed post from cnet- How to fill out a PDF form without software.



PDF Buddy is another tool to edit pdf document on the go. PDF Buddy also allows you to fill from online without any hassle. It allows you to edit up to 3 pdf document for free every month. Its an cloud based application so you don't have to download or install anything to use the service whether you are from your PC, Mobile or Tablet. All you need is a working browser to use the service and edit PDF document online. The browser you are using right now will work just fine.


Downloading games and apps on Mobile is tedious and time consuming job. Some application and games are so big that you just can't afford to download them through your phone, and as you that you can download from Google play store only through your android device. There no such option to download to app from your computer browser and then transfer it back to your phone through USB. Today we'll learn one simple way to download any app you want or game from play store using any browser on PC or Phone.

Step by step guide to download app from Google play store on PC:

1. Open your Browser and in the address bar or search engine, type the name of the App you need from Play Store e.g "WhatsApp on Play Store" (Without quotation marks). Launch the search. The very first result should be a link for WhatsApp on Play Store.

2. Click onto the first result and view it's address or URL of that very page. The address should look a lot like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp .

3. Copy the App id only (The words after "id=")

4. Go to Evozi Apk Downloader site ( http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader )

5. Paste the app id you copied in the space provided at Evozi. Ignore any page that may pop-up after pasting the id.
Download app from play store on PC

6. Tap "Generate Downoad Link. Wait a few seconds for the App to be delivered to you

7. Download the App


How To Hard Reset (Restore) a Spreadtrum Phone

Phones with Spreadtrum chipsets are known not to have normal recoveries as the rest of Android phones. In an attempt to boot into recovery mode to restore the phone in case of a bootloop or phone locked after drawing a wrong security pattern numerous times, users find Spreadtrum phone test features instead of options to restore the phone, which the rest of Android phones do have.

This makes it a pain in the a** to restore the phone

In the following guide I will show you a way to restore a Spreadtrum phone if you’re stuck on the boot logo (bootloop) or if your phone is locked after drawing a wrong pattern.

Hard reset restore spreadtrum phone


Spreadtrum Drivers / Or this
Debug Tool
Wipe User Data File Packets (SC6820 or SC8810)
FDL Files (Might not be necessary)


  1. Power on your phone and connect it to computer. Open Device Manager (You can type it in the search tool). You should see “Spreadtrum Phone’ with yellow exclamation mark on the list which indicates that no drivers for that phone are installed.
  2. Install Spreadtrum Drivers on computer. You have to verify that the drivers are installed. The yellow exclamation marks should have disappeared in Device Manager. If not so, you will download the drivers in the second option above and install them manually. After they’re installed, disconnect the phone.
  3. Extract Debug Tool and while inside it navigate to DEDUG_TOOL\ResearchDownload\Bin\Research download.exe. Open it
  4. Choose SC6820 or SC8810 Packet on Load Packet within the tool
  5. Click the Play icon (Start Downloading)
  6. Power off your phone
  7. Hold the Volume UP or Volume DOWN button as you plug in the phone in computer. Files will be downloaded to phone. You should see “Passed” message
  8. Unplug the phone, remove and reinsert the battery then power on the phone

If you find any error on device, change compatible fdl1.bin & fdl2.bin in Download settings in the tool. 


Simplest way to make 100$ in a day.

Most of you might be thinking that its an hoax or fake information. I know it's hard to believe, even i felt the same before trying it myself. But believe me everything I'm going to tell you about is true.

 What i need to earn 100$ in a day?

All you need to earn 100$ in a day is email id with .edu extension. Most of you might be having an .edu email which you normally get from your school or college. Most of the universities provide their student with an .edu mail ID.

Don't have an .edu ID?

Don't worry if you don't have an .edu mail ID. Google is god and with Google you can get anything you want. Check out this post on how to get an .edu mail ID.
So you finally have an .edu mail ID with you now and you are ready to earn 100$ in a day

Steps to earn 100$ in a day

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Done now you have 35$ with you. What to do next to earn the rest of money.
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Other benefits of having an Account at MindSumo
  • Upload your Resume there and you can even land up in your dream company with MindSumo.
  • You can hire a mentor at MindSumo and Learn anything you want to from experienced mentors.
  • Solving Challenges can help you discover your marketable skills.
  • Practice for Interview at MindSumo and get your resume up to date and without any gaps.

Enjoy. Happy Earning online.

How to create Full System/ ROM Backup for Android Phone.

Full System/ Rom backup for Android phone.

This guide will highly benefit those who want to use mods and flash custom ROMs on their Mediatek (MTK) phones. No doubt MTK phones are the cheapest Android smartphones. Most people call them China phones. They include phones with Mediatek chipsets from known brands like HTC, LG, Alcatel, Micromax, Lenovo, Intel, ZTE, Intex, Huawei, and most importantly clones of known brands.
An MTK Droid Tools backup is most important on clone phones that don’t usually have Systems or ROM out there. ROM backups can be used to restore them in case something goes wrong like soft brick. It might not look important before you mess up your phone but when you mess it up, you will wish you had made a Full ROM backup of your device.

An MTK Droid Tools creates an backup of a full system of MTK phone, which can be used to restore an MTK phone in case anything goes wrong for example you brick your phone applying a certain mod or after an attempt to flash a recovery or ROM on an MTK phone. The same backup can also be used to create a custom recovery for an MTK phone.

  1. Install USB Drivers of your phone.
    Normally, these drivers are installed automatically when you connect a phone to PC via USB. Open Device Manager (Go to Windows Start Menu and type Device Manager in search box) to verify that your phone’s drivers are fully installed. If you see any yellow triangle besides your phone model, your phone drivers aren’t installed. You can Google your phone drivers and install them or use these ADB Drivers
  2. Extract the MTK Droid Tools and run the program
  3. Enable USB Debugging in your phone
    • In Android 2.3
      Go to: Settings>>Applications>>Development>>USB Debugging (Enable it)
    • In Android 4.0
      Go to: Settings>>Development>>USB Debugging (Enable it)
    • In Android 4.2.2
      Go to: Settings>>Development>>USB Debugging (Enable it). In official firmware, the Development option is usually hidden in 4.2.2. So you have to go to Settings>>About Device>>Build Number. Tap repeatedly on Build Number until you see a pop-up notification, “You’re now a developer”. Go back to settings and find Developer option. Enable USB Debugging
  4. Connect your phone to PC. MTK Droid Tools should be able to detect your phone and details. Note that your phone has to be rooted for all this to be successful. If its not rooted, MTK Droid Tools will show a yellow led with information just below it. Click “ROOT” to root your phone. If your phone is rooted a green led will show. Proceed to the next step
  5. Go to the ‘root, backup, recovery’ tab
  6. Check the ‘Backup user data and cache’ box and click ‘Backup
  7. Now your full current ROM will be backed up, this part may require some patience as it can take a while
  8. You’ll get a pop-up asking if you want ‘Packing Backup?’ Select ‘No’
  9. Once the ROM backup is complete then click on ‘To Prepare Blocks For FlashTool’
  10. Next you have to select the md5 sum file, to do this just browse the backups folder and there will be a folder entitled with the name of your phone. Open this folder
  11. Inside this folder is a file entitled ‘files.md5′, click on it
  12. After selecting files.md5 you’ve completed the creation of Blocks for Flash tool, and you’ve backed up your ROM

To proceed with Unbricking your phone, follow these steps. 

  1. Unplug your phone from PC and Open SP flash tool and select 'scatter loading'
  2. Go to the MTK Droid Tools backup folder. Find the scatter file and load it
  3. Click ‘Download’ button
  4. Remove battery from your phone and connect phone to PC via USB
  5. While phone is connected, insert the battery. SP Flash Tool should start flashing the system. Once its done, you should see a green round circle display on screen
  6. Unplug phone, remove battery for about 5 seconds and insert it back then power on the phone